How MGC is working with COVID restrictions

MGC is currently still operating normally during these troubling times. Unfortunately due to traveling/shipment restrictions, there are delays when it comes to order delivery.

We are trying our best to speed things up, and understand how frustrating it can be to have to wait for your order. No customer is ever forgotten, and you will certainly always receive your order no matter what.

Please know that the delays are not in our control, as we are doing our part to fulfill your orders immediately. 

From the owner:

‘I personally apologize to anybody who has a delay or an inconvenient experience due to the circumstances. I am always trying my hardest to keep customers satisfied and updated. If you ever have any issues at all, please reach out on any of the MGC social media pages, or click the message bubble on the MGC website. Thank you so much to everyone who is understanding and supportive during this time, and as always, show the inner you.”